Sirtek offers the first integrated system for the reinforcement of plastica forms that permits the company that uses it to resolve the following problems: scarce automation, poor utilisation of the human resources and productivity, disposal of special waste materials, respect of the Europeans norms.

 6 step
•  INITIAL CONSULTATION  - Sirtek supplies to the customer a wide range of potential and possible uses of the innovative reinforcement technique with the Greensir®  technology.

• PLANNING - Sirtek offers to their customers four types of standard installation and also carry out to order personalised installation projets.

• CONSUMABLE MATERIALS - Sirtek directly produces Greensir® . Furthermore, Sirtek can personalise the resin at the request of the customer, according to the application to be effectuated.

• INSTALLATION- The installation of the plant is carried out by Sirtek personnel and guarrantees the customer a good functioning of the plant and a good yield of Greensir.

• OPERATIONAL ACTIVITY -  Sirtek follows the operational activity of the system from the initial phases in order to guarantee the customer a good outcome of the project.

• CONTINUOUS ACTIVITY - Sirtek supplies continuous consultation on the installation, application and raw material